Solution Overview

Macrocomm Connect

Macrocomm was founded as a connectivity sim card and hardware  supplier on behalf of all major mobile network operators.

The agreements we have with connectivity partners enable us to construct bespoke solutions fit for the customers purpose inline with the customers network preference

Macrocomm connect has a dedicated team of account managers that specializes in advising both the private and public sector clients on optimizing their connectivity requirements.



Connectivity in office and mobile staff unified communication

Staff Activity Tracking

The unified communication between office and mobile staff is a vital business requirement. The lack of connectivity proves costly for all business models.

Companies also require the capability of Staff Activity Tracking, allowing for transparency and easy communication that directly impacts the running costs of a business.


Macrocomm can provide fixed and mobile solutions to your organization’s environment with services such as Fibre, Microwave and Satellite.

Data management solutions that controls data spend, APN or data contracts.

Voice solutions converging your hosted PBX with your mobile device gives you landline on the move and at preferential rates.

Instant Communication on secure Push-To-Talk

Enterprise mobility solutions can be deployed to track and manage mobile staff that may be incorporated into existing time and attendance systems.


Single Account Manager
Easier Dispute Resolution
Agnostic to Network Provider
Informed decision-making
Optimise Spend



Macrocomm Connect has agreements with mobile network operators to on-sell their voice and data value propositions to businesses as a reseller within the SMME, Public Sector, NGO and Large Enterprise. This allows networks to have closer access to business while still maintaining the human element.  

Our knowledge in the industry allows us to offer the same client agnostic value proposition without being biased to a specific network.  

 Advisory services offered to technology companies reliant on connectivity to transport data to aggregators are reliant on Machine-to-Machine packages or roaming sim cards.  


Sim cards with the intelligence to roam on designated networks depending on network strength; this is executed based on preconfigured parameters upon setup.  

Benefits : Our Dedicated Account Management team with extensive knowledge of GSM will act as your non-biased, non-partisan advisors. 

Fixed and Hosting Solutions

Fixed Solutions

  • Dedicated on One-to-One contention or a contended service of One-to-Ten.
  • Macrocomm Connect on-sells Fibre, Microwave, satellite, APN, PBX as a connectivity medium upon demand. Clients can opt for various packages, shaped or uncapped.
  • Feasibility will be considered with various service providers and a suitable fixed line service will be recommended, optimizing to the benefit of the customer. 

Hosted Solutions

  • Host your physical or spin up a virtual server in a tier four data centre local environment.
  • Get access whenever needed and ensure 99.98% uptime even as load shedding persists.
  • Secure APN and VPN provides your organization with dedicated secure priority on the network allowing your IT and Security Policies unilateral enforcement and compliance.
  • Get usage reporting on all data usage on platforms provided as well as access to Radius server with the ability to lock and unlock Sims within 60 seconds.
  • Import users with ease.
  • Lock down and prevent data theft from mobile devices with mobile security for high net worth individuals.
  • Provide office 365.


IoT Connectivity

Macrocomm connect provides connectivity solutions for all your IoT requirements.

We are able to provide connectivity on the following:

  • Sigfox
  • LoRA – Ability to build private LoRA networks for customers
  • NBIoT
  • GSM
  • Bluetooth
  • Radio Frequency (RF)
  • RPMA


Application and Value Added Services

MDM – Mobile Device Manager gives you the ability to remotely lock, wipe and control devices. You can locate a device from anywhere in the world. The Mobile Device Manager, coupled with enterprise mobility products, has digitally transformed Blue Chip companies by streamlining processes and creating long term efficiencies.

PTT – Push-To-Talk and over-the-top service available across networks allowing cost efficient communication in group format or one-on-one situations.

Time and Attendance – Record keeping of all staff albeit that some may require working remotely. Reporting simply exported and imported into the payroll system reducing the time spent on manually calculating hours.

Field Service Application – Allows for greater control over outbound staff, ensure that staff conducting meetings are offering the best value proposition to the customer.

Reduce the lead time and keep a digital footprint of all deliveries, maintenance and exchange of articles as proof of deliveries. All this ties into a single sales tool that may be deployed effectively as a Customer Relations Management system. 


  • Become an eco-friendly company by eliminating the use of paper within your organization, reduce lead time on job cards and swiftly navigate through the delivery and invoice process.
  • Company-issued equipment needs to be secured both internally and externally allowing for greater policy control and security


The Macrocomm Connect team has a combined 156 years’ experience in the Telecommunications industry and more than 80 years’ experience within the IoT space.  Macrocomm Connect appoint dedicated account managers who specialise in advising private and public sector clients on their connectivity requirements.

  • Lock down and prevent data theft from mobile devices with mobile security for high net worth individuals.
  • MDM – Mobile Device Manager gives you the ability to remotely lock, wipe and control devices. You can locate a device from anywhere in the world.
  • Policy Control
  • Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting
  • Fence Intrusion Detection
  • Closed Circuit Television
  • High net individual security
  • GSM and IoT
  • M2M and IoT related Connectivity
  • Roaming Sim Cards
  • Fixed and Hosting Solutions
  • Application and Value-Added Services