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Digital Plumber

The Digital Plumber programme, through a joint initiative with BridgIoT (A Macrocomm Group Company) and IOPSA, educates plumbers on the Internet of Things, connectivity, related hardware, and how these parts work together to help drive the beginnings of a smart home. This course was designed to help plumbers expand their service offering, be proactive, and gain access to technology that benefits them and their clients.

The Digital Plumber programme is an online training course that enables already qualified plumbers to grow their skillsets, expand their business, and increase their value offering in an ever-growing internet-connected world.

The course incorporates a strong base of theory presented in written course documents. This core content is supported by instructional videos and tested through online assessments. The learner can advance through the training at a pace which suits the learner’s comprehension and time constraints.

Benefits of becoming a Digital Plumber:

  • Receive all the know-how required to resell and install the smart devices in the program.
  • Access new markets by providing additional products and services.
  • Gain an edge on competitors.
  • Growing your own knowledge and skillset
  • If the plumber is an IOPSA members, they will earn CPD points.

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