Mcomm Track

Monitor and track all your assets from anywhere in the world, anytime!

Mcomm Track is an asset location product using the Sigfox network for communications and satellite positioning using GPS, Glonass and Gallileo to provide the highest accuracy and sensitivity.


  • The unit will provide location on a periodic basis.
  • can also be configured to use the onboard accelerometer to trigger updates on movement or change in orientation.

As with all the Smart IOT products it is fully waterproof and very robust, providing years of independent operation.

Use Cases:

  • Tip Trucks
  • Shopping trolleys
  • Low value assets
  • Refuge bins
  • Lawn mowers
  • Back up tracker if there is GSM failure with large value assets


  • Transmit heartbeat once per day and on change of status
  • Configurable and upgradeable via Near Field Communication (NFC) interface
  • Optional application available to receive alerts (SMS, Email, Push Notifications) via smartphone or via web dashboard.

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