Smart Metering as a Service

Macrocomm Smart Utilities empowers utilities to manage the data flow for utilities faster and smoother than traditional system integration models and to accelerate the journey towards becoming a digital platform utility. Kickstart the digital transformation with prebuilt Macrocomm Smart Utilities integration , and with our high-performance API, connect new software solutions in days instead of months of custom coding. Don’t get stuck with traditional technology, become a digital utility with Macrocomm Smart Utilities.

The constant development of our systems and solutions with our strategic partner ecosystem, has led to state of the art business solutions to address the ever growing concerns faced by all South Africans and people of the world, around Energy and limited and scarce resources such as Water


Rolling out smart meters and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is typically very costly, particularly for smaller utilities. To benefit from economies of scale, utilities often engage with a service provider to deliver the smart metering service on their behalf. Such a service provider then needs to integrate to the utilities’ core systems and build up the metering specific IT infrastructure themselves. This enables them to handle data collection, validation, estimation and storage of meter data, synchronization of asset information across all utilities’ systems and transfer of billing relevant data according to the specific metering regulations.


By using Macrocomm Smart Utilities as the integration platform with prebuilt data connectors and data flows any metering service provider can get a significant head-start for establishing its platform. Instead of spending a lot of time and money to design a large system integration project themselves, Macrocomm Smart Utilities comes with all the typical integration challenges pre-solved for metering service operators. Pre-built Macrocomm Smart Utilities Data Flows support the meter-to-cash process, commissioning and provisioning of meters, meter asset synchronization and integration to national data hubs. In addition, the handling of event and alarms from the meters can be filtered and transferred to a distribution management system at the utility.


All integration between the MSU and the Utility will be up and running within weeks, bringing immediate value to the Utilitiies customers. Macrocomm Smart Utilities lightweight, scalable integration platform allows the Utility to operate independently while maintaining the benefits. This paves the way for the MSU and the Utility to adopt a lean start-up mindset, quickly introducing new products and services.

Macrocomm Smart Utility Solutions

Smart Utility Management


Our expertise and unparalleled knowledge in designing and deploying smart utility management solutions for water, gas and electricity utilities, are demonstrated by our proven track record. We have further entrenched our value in the utilities sector by designing customised systems built around a revenue assurance model that offers immediate and lasting bottom line benefits. Our ongoing revenue management approach allows customers to access 24/7 reporting and data analysis in real-time through a web portal or mobile application.

We supply and install accredited smart metres for water, gas and electricity. Increased functionality allows these metres to record billing factors in various configurations, along with alarms and events. They then transmit relevant data to back-office data management centres, either via a preconfigured schedule or on-demand.

Macrocomm offers two business models for smart metre field management. Our hybrid model requires a transmitting device to be installed on the metre. The data is then collected by the field agent using a handheld device. Alternatively, our fully automated metre reading (AMR) solution requires no human intervention for data collection. Our solution architects will design the most reliable and cost-effective solution for your AMR network, while our Access Point’s (APNs) ensure secure and reliable connectivity to the collect the data.

By implementing our solutions, our municipal customers benefit from job creation, increased revenue collection, skills development and billing accuracy, which helps to build trust with their end consumer.

AMR Services

Macrocomm automated metering reading (AMR) solutions help you save time and money, with advance communication devices that increase accuracy, efficiency and control.

For utilities searching for an automated, efficient, scalable AMR system, Macrocomm minimizes collection time and leverages the power of data with low infrastructure investment. Macrocomm’s AMR solutions use advanced communications technology to achieve optimal range with low interference, allowing your employees to receive crystal clear meter information.



  • Greatly reduces time to collect readings
  • Reliable equipment
  • Radio and battery have 10-year warranties, plus they are built utility-tough and capable of withstanding harsh environments
  • Multi-meter compatible• Reads different kinds of meters
  • Utility codes allow you to read many brands of meters equipped with compatible registers or indexes, making the Macrocomm AMR solution a great choice for combination utilities

Demand Management Solutions

Macrocomm offers a comprehensive suite of energy management and load control solutions for both industrial and consumer energy users.

Today’s energy consumers expect more than one-way communication; they also want to be able to interact with and benefit from data. Our solutions give customers greater control over their energy usage and costs. Our comprehensive demand management solution for utilities and consumers allows homeowners to reduce or shift energy used during peak times so that they can better manage energy usage in their homes. Smart Street Lights Smart LED Lighting is more cost-effective than conventional public lighting systems, and it facilitates energy management which directly reduces energy usage. These systems are also able to monitor the effectiveness of individual street lights remotely. The integrated system which includes a ‘dim’ function, can be configured to dim street lights after peak hours.

Project Management

  • Core values: We Communicate. We Organize. We are Problem Solvers. We Build Good Teams. Our Teams are well versed in industry standard project management methodologies and have extensive experience managing Smart Grid projects.
  • We take responsibility for effectively managing each project across the key domains of the project lifecycle: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling, and Closeout.
  • Delivering project objectives that meet or exceed the elements defined through Scope, Timeline and Budget are fundamental to our Ownership philosophy.
  • We work in partnership with our clients to develop the project scope, understand potential risks and gaps, and create proper strategies to achieve the objectives required.
  • It is through focusing on the customer requirements, and relying on our experience in the procurement, implementation and system acceptance phases that we are able to anticipate potential risks early on in each project task, address them quickly, thus ensuring that timelines and budget remain a constant.


Utility Services

At Macrocomm we understand that experience leads to higher performance and that is one of the critical reasons why we continue to excel during our deployment processes. Our core project team has been directly involved in major deployment projects over the past 5 years, comprised of more than 80 000 meters and AMR/AMI endpoints. As part of our deployment services offerings, Macrocomm also develops and provides custom public outreach programs for all projects to improve utility/customer relationships and streamline project communications.

At Macrocomm, safety is our number one priority in everything we do. It is our policy to take all possible steps to ensure the health, safety and welfare of our employees in addition to any third parties who overlap with our team. If an installer were to encounter a potential safety issue, our HSE procedure allows the installer to log the event and react on the problem. Logging the safety issue allows any future contact with the account to have full knowledge of any potential safety concern prior to the visit. All safety issues are reported to Management, reviewed with the customer, and corrective actions created to reduce the risk of similar events occurring in the future.

Macrocomm focuses on quality throughout the entire project, including the Pre-Installation Stage, during Installation and Post-Installation. The primary focus on pre-installation quality is on training and constant installer inspections. Macrocomm’s workforce management system (MFM) is designed to control quality while optimizing installer productivity. The MFM system uses built-in quality controls including meter entry validation, field validations and photo prompts. Macrocomm also performs validations on all completed work order and actively searches for potential errors related to old or new meter serial numbers, as-found reads, and other critical data points collected in a meter installation.

Our Meter Installation Services IT system is a custom-built system, utilizing specialized modules and applications, passing data through an application programming interface (API).. Our independent modules can be changed almost entirely without impacting other modules. Interconnectivity is based solely on input/output schema, which if maintained, will not affect the system in any way. Our modules are also language agnostic, and it allows Macrocomm to add any interfacing module differentiating us from other companies. Macrocomm also provides our customers with access to a custom data portal that allows real-time performance data allowing users to view data as it is occurring and compared directly to the project plan. Our data portal is password protected web portal with specific links allowing our customers to see a variety of project specific metrics, in real time.