Macrocomm Group, a full service and multi-vertical IoT solutions provider is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Bharat Rail Automation Pvt. Ltd. of India (BRAPL) to deliver signal management and smart railway solutions to the South African sector and other African territories. The Macrocomm-Bharat Rail partnership will focus on delivering secure data driven solutions that will enable railway authorities to significantly improve operational efficiency and safety, through contextual and secure signalling as well as optimal route planning and scheduling.

“Our choice of BRAPL as a partner has been based on the trust that the Company has gained in over 35 years of its operation, and its proven ability to execute large and complex signalling projects. This venture will integrate Macrocomm’s capability in the Internet of Things (IoT) space with Bharat Rail’s extensive experience and expertise in providing secure solutions for railway signalling projects; overall joint intent is to re-establish commuter confidence in the commuter rail system.

“BRAPL is ISO 9001: 2000 certified for Designing, Installation and Commissioning of Signalling Equipment & related technologies… and BRAPL’s level 4 safety integraty level is the highest level of certification achievable for the industry world wide.” says Sivi Moodley, CEO of Macrocomm Group.

The MD of Bharat Rail, Bhupesh Dhabalia, has welcomed the new initiative and noted that, “our extensive experience in this sector – including being one of the first to use and apply various technologies on the Indian railway over the last three decades… our ISO 9001: 2000 certified for Designing… Installation and Commissioning of Signalling Equipment & related Technologies… combined with Macrocomm’s IoT capabilities — provides significant platforms for synergy, innovation and growth for our new joint venture.”

As part of its localisation programme, Macrocomm-Bharat Rail will invest in the production capability of relevant railway technologies and equipment locally so that sector skills development and job creation is prioritised alongside improvements in the rail network. This will be incorporated into Macrocomm’s existing production facility in eThekwini. Software development and the training of local engineers will be provided to ensure the transfer of local digital skills capability development.

About Macrocomm
Macrocomm is a premier innovation and technology agnostic led provider of data driven digital solutions. Our solutions are not just focused of connectivity and technology, but aim to solve societal problems in a Smart Made Simple way. The Macrocomm group of companies play across all stages in the digital value chain, including devices, connectivity, platforms, application and software development, systems integration and training and development. This enables us to innovate across the digital value chain to deliver bespoke as well as generic solutions in a manner that leverages both scope and scale. We service a range of verticals including municipalities, fleet, agriculture, facilities management, health, mining, retail and logistics. Our key partners include Vodacom, Sigfox, FAW, University of Stellenbosch, Liquid Intelligent Technologies and Orange.