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Macrocomm RTS is a technology manufacturing company that provides world leading connected data and IoT solutions, giving real value to our customers.​

The Macrocomm Smart advanced IoT range of self-contained sensors is ideal for the remote monitoring, measurement and detection of key functionality and outputs in Urban, Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural environments. Backed with a full suite of capabilities, including project planning and management, big data analytics and reporting, sensor design and manufacture and a world-class network, the MacrocommRTS range of products provides comprehensive, scalable solutions that deliver cost effective value and benefits.

Key Benefits of using Macrocomm Smart IoT Products

Here are few highlights of our solutions, tailored to your needs:

  • Products are Manufactured in South Africa and Cost Effective ​
  • Robust design IP69 accredited and fully submergible
  • Products are simple to install and are NFC enabled ​for easy infield configuration.
  • All products supplied comes with an IoT platform with​ customizable reporting, connectivity and product​ warrantee for a 36 month period.
  • Macrocomm has global experience with over 200 000 ​IoT devices connected to our IOT platforms.

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