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About us
Our intuitive, user-friendly solution integrates with your existing architecture and services and is designed with you in mind: clinician, nurse, ward clerk, hospital executive, IT manager. We help you to care for your patients. Let us make your life easier.

Seamless Access
The patient clinical notes (medical record) should be immediately available to all staff, anywhere. It should be tightly coupled to the patient journey and generated seamlessly in real-time as part of your normal workflows.

We Value Usability
Busy clinicians need an intuitive interface that anticipates their needs and facilitates their tasks. Requirement for support and training should be zero. It’s time for healthcare to enjoy the technical advances of our information age.

Quality Clinical Documentation
Accurate, real-time clinical documentation is at the very heart of safety and quality, not to mention efficiency, funding and research. What are the costs of substandard documentation, for your organisation?

Benefits of Crisis Care

Here are few highlights of our solutions, tailored to your needs:

  • Quality clinical notes in real time

  • Legible records

  • Visible to the whole team, from anywhere

  • Analytics/Coding/Research via structured data input

  • Clear documentation of clinical plans

  • Lab and radiology integration

  • Realtime monitoring of KPI’s

  • Coding & funding maximised

Solutions is a software solution for hospitals and medical facilities that delivers high-quality Clinical Documentation with a rigorous data structure to support Clinical Coding and Activity Based Funding.

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