Fleet Solutions

Monitor day-to-day movement of your fleet, drivers and cargo.

We provide fleet owners with an all-encompassing fleet management solution that provides to-the-cent daily running costs, as well as specific insights into unnecessary or controllable expenditure, thereby maximising efficiency and significantly reducing running costs.

By virtue of the system’s unique unit-agnostic design, trip data is gathered directly from existing telematics units within the fleet, eliminating expenses usually associated with replacing units. A fully automated integration of costing data gathered from commercial fleet card service providers or any other form cost recording system, culminates in ongoing data analysis driven by our patented algorithms, with the insights delivered in a concise on-line dashboard. Customized reports, designed in conjunction with each client, form part of the system offering.

Macrocomm also supplies accredited tracking devices and in cab camera equipment should customers require.

  • Our platform allows data integration from any Telematics service provider.

  • Platform integrates information from existing telematics devices therefore no need to replace device.

  • Seamless integration facilitates rapid system deployment

Macrocomm Fleet Analytics (MFA) provides clients with a secure, customizable, web-based dashboard that facilitates ‘at-a-glance’ insights into overall fleet performance, controllable/wasteful expenditure and driving style scores that delivers a significant and sustained ROI.​ (Moved from bottom of this banner)

Scalability lies at the core of the solution. MFA is a cost-effective entry-level option, based on a simple telematics device and user input sees fleet operators empowered with daily updates on overall fleet health incorporating total cost of ownership, KPIs, utilisation targets and performance targets. It also provides ongoing recommendations/advice as to what actions to implement to maximise returns.

Macrocomm Fleet Analytics

  • MFA has designed and built state of the art business intelligent models based on sophisticated algorithms to provide customers with real time intelligent insight into their fleets

  • Executive Dashboard – The MFA fleet system identifies and highlights problematic areas

  • Fleet owners have access to unlimited, fully customizable scheduled reports, at multiple delivery frequencies

  • The solution allows industry benchmarks to be set and compares the business month-on-month in order to track progress and support your return on investment

  • Compare and score drivers based on their Driving Behavior

  • Integrates information from Fleet Cards from all major banks

  • Provides true cost per kilometre (CPK) taking into account all cost influencers including Driver Behaviour

Vehicle and Cargo Inspection Software

  • Macrocomm has designed and developed a unique driver-based vehicle & cargo checklist mobile application.

  • The application allows drivers to conduct a pre-trip vehicle & Cargo condition inspection.

  • The application integrates with the mobile device’s camera to allow for the upload and storage of photographs as part of the inspection.​


  • Immediate call for emergency services sent via SMS and 3G when I.C.E assist is activated.

  • No contacting a call centre to report an accident.

  • After initiating a I.C.E. assist request, a call centre will contact you.

  • Option to automatically notify a family member or a predefined contact in case of emergency.

  • Option to easily generate an accident report at the scene of the accident.

  • Weather and Road Conditions are recorded immediately.

  • Can be used as a 3rd party incident claim reporting.

  • Ability to take photos at the scene of an accident that are time and date stamped with GPS location.

  • Ability to record voice notes – on an accident scene, a significant amount of information is relayed via a voice note in a short time.

Smart Telemetry Device

Macrocomm prides itself in engineering and implementing bespoke solutions, utilising cutting-edge hardware and purpose specific in-house engineered systems. As a recognised market leader in the IoT space encompassing a specialist fleet and cargo division, Macrocomm provides solutions that meet our customers’ needs.

MFA120 is a small and professional tracking device with internal high gain GSM and GNSS antennas, which is able to collect device coordinates and other useful data and transfer them via GSM network to server. This device is perfectly suitable for applications where location acquirement of remote objects is needed: fleet management, car rental companies, taxi companies, public transport, logistics companies and personal cars.

MFA120 can perform tasks on remote objects.

  • Monitoring engine status
  • Controlling truck’s/vehicle’s doors
  • Monitor Driver behaviour

The solutions will not only facilitate superior monitoring of the day-to-day movement of fleet, drivers and cargo, but also deliver specific actionable insights essential to achieving best practices, through ongoing data harvesting and analysis.

Macrocomm Smart Control Room

Macrocomm’s bureau service focuses on delivering a superior experience to customers that require live monitoring of their fleet and provides all customer required exceptions.
Performance and behavioural trends are evaluated and reported to the customers.


  • Daily Fleet Monitoring

  • Dedicated Incoming Voice line

  • Exception Handling, escalating and Reporting

  • Accident Handling, escalating and Reporting

  • Incident Management

  • Activating Response Teams

  • Analytics

  • Data Capturing

  • Communication