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Remotely monitor your utilities consumption to reduce monthly costs.


As a provider of leading Smart solutions and technology that’s geared towards improving lives within Southern Africa and beyond, pre-built Macrocomm Smart Utilities integration not only helps to lower overheads and operational costs, but drives operational efficiencies while optimising the consumption or scarce resources (such as water).

This kind of integration makes also  it possible for high preforming API to connect to software solutions, which bypasses the manual, tedious and time consuming coding that’s usually required…a game changer.

Integration also means that Macrocomm Smart Utilities solutions are compatible with strategic partner eco systems, which ensures that any future updates and upgrades won’t render the tech obsolete or result in costly obsolescence related expenses.

Advanced metering infrastructure investment significantly cuts operational costs and improves efficiencies



Rolling out smart meters and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is typically very costly, particularly for smaller utilities. To benefit from economies of scale, utilities often engage with a service provider to deliver the smart metering service on their behalf. Such a service provider then needs to integrate to the utilities’ core systems and build up the metering specific IT infrastructure themselves. This enables them to handle data collection, validation, estimation and storage of meter data, synchronization of asset information across all utilities’ systems and transfer of billing relevant data according to the specific metering regulations.


By using Macrocomm Smart Utilities as the integration platform with prebuilt data connectors and Data Flows, any metering service provider can get a significant head-start for establishing its platform. Instead of spending a lot of time and money to design a large system integration project themselves, Macrocomm Smart Utilities comes with all the typical integration challenges pre-solved for metering service operators. Pre-built Macrocomm Smart Utilities Data Flows support the meter-to-cash process, commissioning and provisioning of meters, meter asset synchronization and integration to national data hubs. In addition, the handling of event and alarms from the meters can be filtered and transferred to a distribution management system at the utility.


All integration between the MSU and the Utility will be up and running within weeks, bringing immediate value to the Utilities customers. Macrocomm Smart Utilities lightweight, scalable integration platform allows the Utility to operate independently — while maintaining the benefits. This paves the way for the MSU and the Utility to adopt a lean start-up mindset, quickly introducing new products and services.

The Macrocomm smart metering suite is Scalable, reliable, accurate, affordable

It enables the utilities to collect the metering data from every client or facility automatically, thus reducing logistics costs involved in direct meter reading.


We aim to connect the world’s meters and sensors to the web to provide our customers with quasi real-time information to manage their energy resources (electricity, water, gas, etc.).

Macrocomm provides utility meter monitoring and data management hardware and services. We give our customers convenient, online access to detailed energy consumption data.

Livewire’s services range from the supply of individual monitoring components to complete turn-key system design and implementation.

We make energy management easy, affordable and are proven to save you money

We have a range of products that meet the needs of large enterprise, medium companies and small businesses.

Our energy monitoring solutions will enable your operations to:

  • Save money – up to 15% in energy costs of your facility
  • Make better purchasing decisions – accurate profile energy loads
  • Verify power and energy bills – keep operational and energy costs in check

Our Services


A range of different metering devices can be fully commissioned and integrated into the Liveview environment.


Most devices use a Mobile-to-Mobile (M2M) SIM card provisioned on the livewire APN. Other APNs / Internet / RF communication is also supported.

Alarms and Notifications

A range of Alarms and Notifications via email or SMS are available to suit different customer requirements.


24/7 online access to meter data, reports and profiles with a web browser.


Mobile access to metering information on Android or Apple mobile devices.


Telephonic / email support from the IBO (Interactive Back Office) team during office hours.


System Overview

LIVEMOPAY is Macrocomm’s smart prepaid solution for water and electricity. The system employs cutting edge smart meters which allow users to experience a level of convenience that standard prepaid meters cannot offer. The end-user can purchase STS tokens online via the Smartwire mobile app or with the Livemopay web portal and then remotely load these tokens over- the-air (OTA) to a compatible meter. The Smartwire mobile app further provides the user with useful information such as the estimated days of credits remaining, obtained via remote readings from the meter. The user then also have access to view his/her meter’s usage, previous purchases and an array of insights into how to improve energy usage.

The LIVEMOPAY system is compatible with water and electricity vending systems. This allows landlords to cut-out the administration costs involved in traditional monthly post-paid billing and money collection processes, while also providing the end-user with a complete solution to budget for, and purchase their monthly utilities. Monthly management reports are sent to landlords, summarising the monthly purchases and also highlighting any meters that have been flagged as abnormal (e.g. unusually low usage which could be caused by tampering).


Livemopay system highlights:

  • Convenient and easy to use prepaid vending system for end-users
  • Monthly reporting for landlords and property owners
  • Remote loading of prepaid tokens (on compatible meters)
  • Extensive reporting and insights on a management and an end-user level
  • 24/7 technical support

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Liveview web portal

System Overview

LIVEVIEW systems deliver intuitive energy consumption information online, providing consumers access to their data through a dedicated web portal, reporting and alerts which can be sent via email or SMS. It enables the utilities to collect the metering data from every client or facility automatically, thus reducing logistics costs involved in direct meter reading.

The LIVEVIEW systems provide comprehensive data to the consumer to help manage energy usage and bills more effectively. We offer our utility / end consumer clients a differentiated and value added consumer proposition. To take steps towards a low carbon society, utilities will engage more closely with their customers and consumers will need to understand their energy consumption behaviour. Recent research has shown that when consumers are fully engaged and aware of the energy they are consuming through dedicated energy feedback loops, they are more likely to make significant reductions in thier energy consumption.

The LIVEVIEW systems deliver this and provide the following consumer information:

  • Comprehensive summary of total energy consumption for each facility
  • Top consuming facilities per portfolio
  • Energy consumption information is shown as cost and kWh
  • Total cumulative energy consumption over selected period (day, week, month) with calendar plot
  • Configurable consumption thresholds and alerts/notifications
  • Profiles and trends

Smartwire Mobile App

App Overview

Smartwire is a mobile application that provides usage information from a variety of utility meters (electricity / water / gas / heating / cooling) for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Smartwire is a mobile energy information reporting tool that provides customers and utilities with an online view of when, where and how much energy is being used, at any time. It forms an extension of the LIVEVIEW web based energy information system.

From anywhere with an Internet connection the end-users can use their mobile devices to:

  • Access usage data 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Visualize energy data represented by concise graphs, tables and charts.
  • Compare trends and make better informed decisions around energy management.
  • Estimate a metering point’s utility bill.

The features of the application include the following:

  • Secure access only to data of authorised meters.
  • Usage profiles for user-selectable time periods.
  • Summary usage statistics for different time periods.
  • Energy performance indicator related to pre-defined baselines or historic usage.
  • Tariff report with cost contribution chart.
  • Meter configuration detail with location shown on map.

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