Project Liberate

The Vision of the Project Liberate is to create a 4th Industrial Revolution Hub, where we introduce and upskill the youth from disadvantaged backgrounds to Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Coding, Internet of Things (IoT), and Microsoft End-User Programme to develop their abilities and talent within the 4IR space, and promote economic emancipation of the disadvantaged youth.

The key Objectives of the project is to:
1. Establish a site and create a space for the youth within the context of the 4th Industrial Revolution
2. Develop the 4IR Learning Centre,
3. Engage parents and the community to be a part of the project.
4. Develop the skills base for the youth which will advance their economic emancipation

Macrocomm is leading the charge in funding this initiative. For the project to realise its full potential and to keep this revolutionary project turning there needs to be major injection of funding. Our intention is to get government and business and industrialists to invest into this project which could eventually be rolled out in every corner of South Africa and enveloping the African continent as well.
The approximate cost of managing each centre with the technological equipment and administration is approximately R 1 500 000.
The project is hopeful it would attract over 100 national and international donors that would enable this project to be the first mass based community driven 4TH Industrial Revolution project.